Whether its promotional, or creative; we work with each client to help develop the product that fits their specific needs. From capturing a moment, to establishing a brand, we are here to serve you.


Our talented team of creative professionals work together, catering our services to meet your demand. Using the latest technology and equipment available, we utilize our skills to help your product or company grow.


Time and time again, Open Window Media has been able to enhance our clients presence, while keeping your budget to a minimum. We understand the need to grow, and promise to work diligently and efficiently with optimal results.


Established in the Fall of 2008, Open Window Media, LLC was created with the purpose of bringing high quality promotional products, at an affordable price. Over a decade later, we have grown to be one of Kentucky’s premiere advertising agencies; a one stop shop for any company, campaign, or individual looking to grown their brand.

Whether you’re growing an already established brand, or creating your product from the ground up; Open Window Media is ready to help.

Video Production
Web Design
Social Media Promotion


Video Production

Video Production

The world has changed. Todays generation lives a fast paced lifestyle, and technology has brought the world to your finger tips. What can be said in text, is almost always better said visually... or even better; with both! We will help you get your message out in the most effective and efficient way possible, at a price you can afford.



Capturing a moment is more than just the click of a button. It's the chance to hang on to the mood and emotion of the day and re-visit it for a lifetime. We use the latest equipment and the most talented photographers to capture your day. Contact us now to see what we can do for you.

Web Design

Web Design

Need to get online and don't know where to start? NO PROBLEM! Our team will sit down with you and come up with the options in front of you, and help you make the decisions that make the most sense for your brand. From purchasing of domain names, to online storage, all the way to final design... our team will help you get online, and get noticed!

Live Sound

Live Sound

Whether you need to speak to a crowd, or rock out with some friends... Open Window Media can help you get a clear and crisp audio system that will help you project your message the world. We have talented and affordable Dj's and sound crews ready to rock at a moments notice.

Social Media

Social Media

The world has changed. Every day millions of Americans log on to various Social Media sites. and if you're message or product doesn't know how to reach them you're already losing. Not to worry! We can help. We keep our finger on the pulse of social media and have cultivated various ways to help you reach your constituents... and the best part? Its free! We work hard to take you form zero presence to a formidable force online.

Our Team

"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away."


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Man its been a long time coming. We’ve been without a site for a little over 6 months now. But alas, contract negotiations and a brief pause have given us the chance to create new world. And i like it!!
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Working Like a Workaholic

Tv show promo, no less than 3 political commercials, 2 weddings…. and we’re just getting into the Fall. I’m not mad a bit! 

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